Baja California Sur

The Peninsula of Baja California extends from the U.S. border to the southern tip. It was created as the result of volcanic tectonic activity which shoved a massive strip of the continental plate, causing the lifting of the earth's crust. This led to the giant crack called the San Andreas Fault. Its estimated slip tectonics began 250 million years ago and the peninsula continues northwest movement at a rate of five centimeters per year.

Almost 1000 miles long and averaging 56 miles wide, Baja California is one of the largest peninsulas in the world. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of California to the east it is a territory where nature is out of the ordinary, featuring spectacular natural landscapes mixing beaches, deserts and mountains.

The fascinating combination of natural attractions, endearing towns, historical, cultural and recreational services work together to create a beautiful concert of natural beauty to satisfy even the most seasoned travelers.