Missioners Trail Biking Adventure

During this week of vacations the experience is intense, since we will cross the Peninsula on our bikes following in the footsteps of the Jesuits across the amazing desert, visiting oasis towns with old missions built over 400 years ago as well seeing the influence of the Spanish in the architecture, plus interact directly with the true cowboys of Baja.

You will arrive a day earlier to the international airport of Loreto. We will meet at night at the hotel to talk about the trip.
If it fit you better we can start the trip from La Paz city. Please be sure to ask about a shorter version of the missioners trail.

Day 1

Early in the morning after our breakfast we will ride out of the city of Loreto after visiting the Mission and museum. Our first ride will take us to a ranch close to the oven use by the Jesuits for the building of the missions.

  • Total biking distance: 36km
  • Vehicle supported.
  • Accommodations: Camping by a old ranch.

Day 2

Today will be a challenging day because we will bike 26km on a really hard and rocky terrain. We will start biking early in the morning just after breakfast. The trail will take us through different ranches such as Los Hornos and Las Animas. We will be arriving into the missioners’ town of San Miguel de Comondu. Here we will spend the night in a camp house with individual semi beds also we will enjoy a hot water shower, before we get to our traditional barbeque dinner.

  • No transfer for the day
  • Total biking distance: 26km.
  • Vehicle supported.
  • Accommodations: camp house

Day 3

We will keep heading west on a  hard and rocky terrain, now for 34km before we arrive to the missioners´ town of La Purisima and then to the foothills of "el Cerro el Pilon" known also as the 7 color hill where we will camp enjoying the fresh water of the river.

  • No transfer.
  • Total biking distance: 34km.
  • Vehicle supported.
  • Accommodations: Camping by the river.

Day 4

Early in the morning after breaking our campsite we will start riding through one of the most forgotten roads of Baja, after 15 km we will be transfer to a little oasis hidden in the middle of the desert where we will enjoy of our lunch and a power a nap. We will keep riding for 22km to arrive to Santo Domingo ranch, camping by the river that brings live to this desert.

  • Total biking distance: 37km.
  • Transfer time: 2:00 hours.
  • Vehicle supported.
  • Accommodations: Camping by the river.

Day 5

We have earn a layover day full of activities. Starting with a short hike before breakfast in which we will visit some pictograph hidden in “La Cueva de la Serpiente”. This is a great opportunity to learn about the ancient cultures that once lived in Baja. After breakfast, there is an optional bike ride of 12km to visit the “Rancho Perdido” and then hike to see some more pictographs lost in the mountains of “Sierra de la Giganta”.

  •  Total biking distance: 24km.
  • Optional transfer after bike ride.
  • Vehicle supported.

Accommodations: Camping by the river

Day 6

After our hearty breakfast we will start riding following the river to the mission of San Javier. One of the most preserves missions among Baja California Sur.  We will camp next to it allowing us to explore the town and it surroundings.

  • Total biking distance: 20km.
  • No Transfers.
  • Vehicle supported.

Accommodations: Camping by the mission of San Javier.

Day 7

Today we will complete our ride on the missions trail finishing back in Loreto after more than 200km of riding through the deserted mountains of “sierra la Giganta”. This ride starts with a gentle climb of 6km to the town of “las parras” from where we have an option of taking a single track or following the roads downhill to the cave paintings where we will have our lunch. In the afternoon we will ride the last kilometers on pavement.

  • Total biking distance: 36km.
  • No Transfers.
  • Vehicle supported.
  • Accommodations: Hotel in Loreto.
Everyone is invited to our farewell dinner.